Where have I been?


Well I have been off learning new skills and improving old ones….

One of the things I have started sewing and quilting…I learned in 7th grade but lets be honest that was a long long time ago so I had to relearn everything…here are some examples of some quilted table runners that I have made while learning.

I really enjoy using color to tell a story . ….

I also like making things that are useful as well as pretty….I will show some of my other new things in a few days and I will try to be better when posting in my blog.



2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

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Well I think I have survived the winter

After a long snowy cold winter I am so looking forward to Spring.  I will bet I am not the only one……..

Spring is the season of new beginnings so in that spirit I have been teaching myself something new….I have become fascinated with Miniatures. Mostly mini food, maybe that’s because I have been on a Damn diet for the last 50 years.  I am loving learning new techniques and putting them to use.  My goal is to make so mini Gingerbread houses and maybe some miniature Christmas shadow boxes.

Here are some examples of my experiment’s so far.


This is my first cake..It is about 2 inches big.  I am happy with it overall except the cake texture needs work; I have gotten better.


How about some gooey chocolate cake this one is about 1 inch [see the crumb is looking better].




So now I have made little cake slice charms, they make sweet earrings.


How about blueberry pies ..these are 1 inch .  I made a couple into cute refrigerator magnets and turned the others into pendants.


I made the plate 3/4 of an inch so you can imagine how small the sugar cookies are.


and this is my last piece…I think the hat is sweet.    So now I am off to work on some mini Christmas cookies

Brrrrrrr Happy 2014












Living in the country is awesome most of the time except when Mother nature drops 14 inches of snow and the drops the temperature way below 0.  The snow began to drop on Sunday and we were unable to get out of our driveway until Wednesday and here it is Thursday and my poor mail person hasn’t been able to deliver our mail.

My Hubby Jose was finally able to dig out and go to work..It was nice to have him home for a few extra day he needed the rest……Now he is back to work and I need the rest,lol.

From bowling ball to pendant…..

How did that happen; a bowling ball turn into a pendant?  Here is how….

I often buy gemstone cabochons from SuperiorAgates.etsy.com because I am always able to find something nice to work with.  The other day while crusing Facebook I saw a awesome cabochon that they had just listed.  When I went to their site I found out that it wasn’t a stone but rather made from a bowling ball.  Way to recycle guys.

I thought I would show it off and what I did with it.100_9587


Wanna see how I made it?

Here ya go….step 1 glue cabochon to foundation material…









step 2 …make a peyote bezel around cabochon






add some Soutache trim and some beads to embellish.








trim and add backing, and trim stitch and there ya go a finished Bowling Ball pendant.


Book Review…Books I own

Because I live where I do I don’t have access to art classes so I have to learn techniques from books.. I have a nice collection of beading books and I thought it would be fun to do my own little review for people who are interested.

I love flowers and if you do too Diane Fitzgerald’s The Beaded Garden is a good book to get . 

This book has taught me new ways to use basic and advanced stitches such as peyote and herringbone and reinforced skills like following patterns,increasing and decreasing and so on.

It is a good book for beginners and more advanced beaders as well.  The instructions are clear and well presented.  I have made versions of several of the flowers and each one has come out well.

Here is the prototype pansy cuff bracelet I made today…I need to tighten the stitching on top right hand  petal where you see the gaps and tweek a few other spots and it will be finished.


Learning new things is fun…

I get easily bored so I am always looking for a new skill to add to my crafting techniques.  The newest new technique is Wire Filigree…

Wire filigree is an airy wire wrap pattern.  I will say it is not a beginner’s skill; as with everything I learned this the hard way.  This is not for wimps[lol].

After hours of practice and many feet of wire I have learned a few things.

1. I will need a lot more practice before I make anything worth keeping.

2. I really need to find a tutorial rather then just trying to figure it out as I go[ duh]

3. need to work on making neater wraps.

4. it’s fun and I’m gonna keep on practicing…

Here is a couple of practice pieces that suck less then the others.100_9155