My name is Ginger and I’ve been a life long crafter. I started with knitting when I was 6 and have worked my way to my all time favorites.. polymer clay and bead art. All my life I have loved flowers and the ever-changing beauty of sea life. Because these things resonate with me, I often have them as a theme in my clay creations.

My other creative love is making quality bath and body items. I love taking high quality rich oils and butters and turning them into beautiful luxurious soaps and creams, I also love making candles. As you can imagine my house smells really good especially the room where all my soaps and candles cure.

Much of my jewelry, bath, body items and many home decor items are sold in our local galleries, bead shops and at arts and crafts festivals. So, if you’re in the Terre Haute/Rosedale area, please look for creations by Gingerbell.

I am a happily married Mother of 1 and Grandmother of 2.  I live in rural  Indiana with my Husband of 20 years Jose.  We like to spend out time traveling, gardening and hanging out together.

I have an online shop  http://Gingerbellsgifts.etsy.com

It is my blessing that I am able to spend my days creating what I love and it’s my goal to share these creations with you.


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