Christmas is over and it’s a new year

I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas I know mine did.  The Grand toddlers sure are growing Lexi is now 4 1/2 and Brenden is 6 1/2…time passes so quickly.

I have been teaching myself new things the last couple of months.  My favorite new skill is wire weaving and chain making.  Here are some examples…100_8969














these are some of my favorite new pieces.

I have been spending a lot of time making new beads for me to use and some I have been selling in my shop  .  Here are some I made yesterday.100_9088









Now that I am feeling better it’s time to take advantage of the extra energy and get busy with doing what I like best….making pretty things.


Today I made a bead embroidered brooch. Do you want to see how it was made?



Ok, here it goes……

This is what I made………………………………

100_8216  and this is how I made it……………

Step 1…………………………………………………………………………..











glue cabochon onto background material; let dry.  Backstitch around cabochon…I used 3mm Lapis beads.

I am making a “window pane” bezel for this brooch because it will make more of the cabochon visible while keeping it secure.

STEP 2……..























Now it’s time to make the sides of the “window pane”….

This is done by making “stacks” of beads in-between each bead in the foundation row.  I used 5 #11’s and 1 #15 for a turn bead.  Do this all the way around the cabochon.  Right now it looks kinda crazy but it will get better.

Next to make the top of the “window pane”.  I gathered up all of the stacks of beads and sewed #15’s between each one.  This will form the front “window pane”.

Tighten it up and this is what ya get..










Trim away extra material and now get ready to put on pin back and finish brooch……

STEP 3………………………………………………….













So you can see the back is messy but I don’t care because I’m gonna cover it up.

I am going to make a little backing sandwich.  This will cover all the threads and attach the pin back at the same time.

A). cut a piece of cardboard or plastic the same size as the brooch – just a little and a piece of backing material just a little bit bigger then brooch.

B).put holes in cardboard/fit pin back through holes and glue to back of brooch.  Then do the same with backing material making sure everything is glued together really well..Let dry.

Now the only thing left to do is a nice edging stitch so that the sides are nicely finished and there ya go .  That’s how I made my brooch.


DIY How I use YoYo beads

A few weeks ago one my bead chat buddies made a beautiful piece of jewelry using glass Yo Yo beads and I thought to my self I bet I could make some Yo Yo beads myself from polymer clay.  After some trial and error I think I have come up with an awesome bead that has endless design possibilities.

What is a Yo Yo bead you ask…….it is a small hole less bead that looks like a yo yo.  The part that makes it special is the groove where the string would go on a real yo yo this is where you place a base row of size 11 seed beads to bead on and it is perfect to securely hold wire for cool wire wrapping designs.

Here are some photos of some yo yo’s








Would you like to see how to use them?  Ok here is a short walk through of bead woven pair of earrings I am making for my friend Moe…..Here is what they will look like when done.














Gather your supplies. size 11 seeds- 3mm bi cones-4mm bi cones-yo yo’s




Here is step 1 making the base row…………string enough size 11 seed beads to fit snuggly in the groove [even # of beads} of yo yo.  Tie them on very securely














Step 2…….pick up 1-4mm. bi cone and 3 seed beads….needle down through bi cone skip seed bead in base row[peyote] go through next.  Then pick up 3mm and 3 seed beads and repeat all the way around base row until you get to where there are 3 see beads left in base row.






























Step 3 making the bail……pick up 3mm bicone-4mm bi cone and 6- 11’s seed beads needle down through bi cones and peyote over last base beads.  Tie off and there ya go you have a finished Yo Yo pendant or necklace.




























As pretty as this is there are tons of other ways to you them only limited by your imagination .  Here are a few more examples of some earrings I have made from them.








I hope you found this helpful and if you are interested in trying to make your own Yo Yo bead creations I am making them and adding them to my Etsy shop if you are interested and don’t see any you want contact me through my shop and we can discuss a custom set.

Crazy for tiny beads

I don’t know why I am so addicted to tiny little beads maybe it’s all the sparkling colors or the way they look all spilled out on my work table or all the wonderful things that can be made with them…What ever the reason I am hopelessly in love with them….

The last couple of weeks I have been indulging my obsession and sewing the tiny little beauties into beaded beads.  Beaded beads are made by taking 100_7815bunches of tiny beads together to make bigger showier beads to use in designs.100_7714

100_7808Here is an example of one of them I made…….



Here are some of the ways I have been using them….

They are so much fun to make and so versatile give them a try.

I meet the most talented people on Facebook

On Facebook I meet some awesome people through different groups of people who share the same interests as me.  I thought it would be fun to introduce some of them……

Karen is a wonderful beader who I met through one of the beading groups I belong to…So I asked her a few questions…

1.Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Karen Waterston, I’m 35 years old, I’m married to my husband Alan.  We have been married for seven years and have two lovely children.  Ava is three and Lucas is one.  I live in Scotland and I love to make jewelry.

2. How did you get started?

I have loved jewelry for as long as I can remember so it wasn’t any surprise that I eventually got around to making my own.  I started about a year ago.  I thought I needed a hobby to keep me sane and decided this would be it.

3.What do you like to make and why?

I love making bracelets.  Any kind and any stitch.  I love working with Swarovski crystals because I love the sparkle they give.  I make a lot of different jewelry from rings to necklaces as well.  I originally started off making crystal puffy heart pendants and decided I wanted to try a lot of different ways to use beads.  I have just made my first bead embroidered cuff and am so happy with it.

4.What is in your jewelry future?

I would love to sell my jewelry.  I do sell the odd piece but would eventually like to set up my own website.

5.What would you do if money wasn’t a issue?

If money was not an object I would love to take professional classes in beading and learn every technique I could and brush up on my skills on the ones I already know.

I asked Karen to show us some of the wonderful things she has made…….

Below are some photos of the jewelry I have made with beads I purchased from you and also my favorite pieces too.

As you can see Karen is a very talented lady and a nice person too.

photos#1-2-10 feature cabochons made by me and I am very proud of what she did with them…..


I think I may have been a crow or dragon in a past life….

I hear people talk about past life regression and it seems those people were always famous people in history…Cleopatra, Napoleon,Joan of Ark.  Well if it’s true that we have all lived before I am sure I was no one famous but maybe I was a crow or dragon.

Why…because like crows and dragons I am a hoarder of colorful,sparkling shiny things.

I Love gold/silver/jewels/gemstones/crystal and bright colorful beads.  I worked in a jewelry store for many years and amassed a nice collection of of beautiful fine jewelry that I wore all the time and now that I have retired from the shop I still have all of the jewelry but rarely wear it.  It doesn’t go with my current dress code[tee shirts and jeans] and I really should sell some of it but nooooo that pesky dragon that I was will not allow me to so I hoard it.

My inner crow has been in control for a long time now compelling me to be obsessed with making beads and collecting stones and crystals and colorful seed beads.  I am always looking and collecting more and more; I would estimate how many I have but I can’t count that high.




These are some new beads I made a few days ago.  The dragon in me says keep them all and add them to the stash.  I have learned that I can’t keep them all and I need to spread them around and share with others.[dragons don’t like to share].

So that is why I make jewelry because once I make something with the beads I have made or bought the dragon lets up and lets them go and the crow is happy because when I sell something I can use the money to buy more sparkly things,lol.  Viscous circle; well maybe but the Dragon the Crow and Me are all happy in our sparkling colorful world.