Book Review…Books I own

Because I live where I do I don’t have access to art classes so I have to learn techniques from books.. I have a nice collection of beading books and I thought it would be fun to do my own little review for people who are interested.

I love flowers and if you do too Diane Fitzgerald’s The Beaded Garden is a good book to get . 

This book has taught me new ways to use basic and advanced stitches such as peyote and herringbone and reinforced skills like following patterns,increasing and decreasing and so on.

It is a good book for beginners and more advanced beaders as well.  The instructions are clear and well presented.  I have made versions of several of the flowers and each one has come out well.

Here is the prototype pansy cuff bracelet I made today…I need to tighten the stitching on top right hand  petal where you see the gaps and tweek a few other spots and it will be finished.