Well I think I have survived the winter

After a long snowy cold winter I am so looking forward to Spring.  I will bet I am not the only one……..

Spring is the season of new beginnings so in that spirit I have been teaching myself something new….I have become fascinated with Miniatures. Mostly mini food, maybe that’s because I have been on a Damn diet for the last 50 years.  I am loving learning new techniques and putting them to use.  My goal is to make so mini Gingerbread houses and maybe some miniature Christmas shadow boxes.

Here are some examples of my experiment’s so far.


This is my first cake..It is about 2 inches big.  I am happy with it overall except the cake texture needs work; I have gotten better.


How about some gooey chocolate cake this one is about 1 inch [see the crumb is looking better].




So now I have made little cake slice charms, they make sweet earrings.


How about blueberry pies ..these are 1 inch .  I made a couple into cute refrigerator magnets and turned the others into pendants.


I made the plate 3/4 of an inch so you can imagine how small the sugar cookies are.


and this is my last piece…I think the hat is sweet.    So now I am off to work on some mini Christmas cookies


How I make a beaded eyeglasses case part 2

Ok here we go lets finish this puppy up.


Go ahead and complete your design on the top and trim bead backing.


Cut2 pieces of lining material and 1 piece of backing..lay out backing stack lining right sides together and then the top.


Because  I can’t use pins to hold fabric together I use tiny clips that won’t put marks or creases on fabric…Now it’s time to put it together.


Go around the 3 closed sides with a cool edging stitch sewing the case together at the same time….On the open edges I used another edging stitch and sewed the lining together at  the opening at the same time.

100_7459and there ya have it a finished functional way to use bead work.


I sure hope you enjoyed my mini DIY…if you have any questions I am happy to help.

My new home away from home…..

Every year for over 50 years in Parke County Indiana has had a county wide craft festival.  People tour the back country roads between towns enjoying the rural country scenery and quaint covered bridges stopping in the towns along the way to visit craft vendors and eat all different kinds of food.

This is my 6th years as a vendor at The Parke County Covered Bridge Festival.  I set up in the small farm town of Rosedale in the small community center for 10 days every October and spend my days talking to people who come to enjoy what we have to offer.

Here are a few photos of my booth…..

Fall in Indiana

Fall in the mid-west is a beautiful time of year…as the days and nights get cooler the trees began to change to colors of orange,red,yellow and blend with the green.  It is my favorite time of year.  The photo above is the view from my front porch.  The trees are starting to put on a good show and stand out lovely behind the yellow soy bean field.

Yesterday was a beautiful day so my husband Jose and I decided to take a ride on the back country roads and enjoy the fall colors.  This photo looks like a Bob Ross painting to me.  In another week it will be even prettier.

Indiana is famous for it’s many covered bridges that are found tucked away on the back roads….Every October we have a 10 day county wide festival.  People come from all over to tour the back roads enjoying the fall colors and covered bridges.  As they tour they stop in the small communities where Art and craft vendors set up to sell their items.  The festival is called The Parke County Covered Bridge Festival this year it runs from October 14-24th.  I will have a booth in the lovely little town of Rosedale this will be my 5th. year and I look forward to this every year.

I think one of the best things about living in Indiana is the change of seasons each one beautiful in it’s own way.