I have reopened my Etsy.com shop….

In 2007 I opened my first on-line shop to sell my hand made goodies.  Http://GingerbellsGifts.Etsy.com .  I did really well there for the first year  and 1/2 or so and then things changed and my sales began to drop off so I opened my Http://Gingerbells.Artfire.com shop in 2009 and things went well there considering it was a young start up website.

I like it there and I like being in on the beginning of a new website and watching it grow.  It’s fun to get to know people and I have expanded to 2 shops there.  The last month there have been a lot of changes at Artfire and sales are rather slow so I have been shopping around for another venue to open a new shop to fill in the gaps.

One day I thought “what the heck I’ll pop over to Etsy and see what’s up over there.  Well it looks like there have been a lot of changes to some of the things that disappointed me there before, mainly the terrible search function.  So instead of opening a new shop somewhere else I decided to reopen one of my Etsy shops and give it a go again.  This time I will do things a little differently and we’ll see how it goes.

So here I go again wish me luck……

This weekend will be a fun busy one.  I’m going to be making my fall scented olive oil soaps and soy candles.  Hubby will be golfing all weekend so I won’t need the kitchen for cooking any ways.  Boy will my house smell good.