Bone head move of the week or why I should never clean the cat litter box with out wearing my glasses……

Have you ever seen the commercial on TV where the woman goes to the back door to let her cat in for the night and instead of her cat she let’s in a raccoon…Why because she needs to wear glasses.  I need to wear glasses to find my glasses my eyesight is so bad so I can relate.

Well I now could make my own commercial about what happened to me today because I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Here’s what happened….

I have one of those fancy self cleaning cat boxes because I have two ubber spoiled cats who wouldn’t be caught dead letting their feet touch there own poop like a normal animal,[even tho they don’t seem to mind me having to touch it when cleaning up after them].  Really it is a great product that saves a lot of work for me except for this morning.

So after my shower I went to do my morning job of empting the kitty poop tray and tiding up around the littler area so the King and Queen don’t have a messy bathroom.  I could tell that the littler level was low so it was time to add fresh litter.  I went to the bathroom to get the jug of litter there were 2 jugs in there so I grabbed the first one and because I wasn’t wearing my glasses I judged by weight that it was full so I checked the other and it felt less full so I decided to use it first rather then open a new one.

I opened it up and began to dump it into the box and to my horror out came a stream of water right into the yucky used littler in the bottom of the cat box….OMG can you say poop and littler mud pies; what a mess;guess what I did for the next 1/2 hour.  Gag-o-ramma.  So now the Queen and King have a very clean bathroom.

And the moral of the story is NEVER clean the litter box with out wearing my glasses and now I need to find out why Jose put water in the cat litter jug and left it in the bathroom, was it a set up?  LOL.